Our Company

Natuurlike LLC is a organic skincare company established in 2023. Our company was created to keep all skin types in mind. Our organic products are created to naturally nourish all skin and sensitive skin conditions. 

Meet the Founder

My name is Shakema Goodwin, The push behind my motivation is my desire to help people have access to skincare that is safe and aimed towards caring for all types of skin. As a young black teen I suffered from acne and have family members that suffered from other sensitive skin conditions. My mother would try out all of these different types of skincare products to try helping my skin type and even dermatologists suggested products but, nothing really helped out. It was later in life (my 30's) that I learned about using natural herbs, oils, extracts etc. on my skin instead of using products that contain harsh chemicals that stripped my skin of its natural elements. Once I began using natural products my skin, it started to clear up and that alone boosted my confidence. It was then, I decided to start my own journey in making organic high quality skincare products that will help others who struggled with unique skin conditions like me.